Sunday, December 1, 2013

December Goals

Wow! It's already December! Where has this year gone? Well, I don't know, but it sure went by fast. Anyway, it's that time again. What are my goals for this month? Ha! That's a good question! As of right now, I'm not signed up for any races and I'm not quite sure what my plans for 2014 will be.
 I'm considering Run the Bluegrass (RtB) again this year, but NOT the half marathon. It's too expensive for me at $85 and it's a really hilly course so I may just sign up for the Rookie's Run and save some $$ and the torture of running all those hills in the latter half of the course. In the meantime, I plan on maintaining my fitness, while working on getting faster. This year, RtB is hosting weekly group runs on the course itself at Keeneland, or downtown Lexington starting from BodyFit Punch. I ran 4 miles from here on Saturday morning and it looks like it's a cool place! 
Their Tread and Shred Class looks awfully tempting to me as it combines treadmills, resistance, and core training. They have a free week of classes for newbies, so I may have to check it out!

Oops, got a little off track there!
Here is my December goals:
1. Run at least 3 days per week (join the group runs on Saturdays)
2. Stay active this month by following the 25 Days of Fitness from
    (Day 1 complete! Plank 1:00:00)
3. Get all my Christmas shopping done early
4. Send out Christmas cards
5. Eat as healthy as possible ( No candy, cakes, cookies, donuts or sweets until Christmas Day)

What are your December goals?

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