Sunday, December 1, 2013

Thoroughbred Classic Recap

Now that I've recovered from my turkey and pie coma I'm capable of rational and clear thoughts...well maybe. I guess we'll find out!
The Thoroughbred Classic is a 5k run/walk that takes place at Keeneland Racecourse on Thanksgiving morning at 9:00am. I've done this run/walk before, running in 2011 and pushing Liam in the stroller in 2012. Leading up to race, I had gotten several emails encouraging participants to pick up their packets before race day. I'm glad I took their advice because it was a rush to get to Keeneland on time, and traffic was backed up to get in and park. Luckily Mike and I made it in on time and had about 10 minutes to warm up try not to freeze before the start. I've been looking to PR in a 5k since the marathon, but I knew today was not going to be the day. Wednesday I woke up with a kink in my neck and it did not go away. So when I woke up Thursday with the same pain, I was just hoping for a strong effort and finish. This has become a fairly large race (2400 participants), so this year strollers and dogs were not allowed on the course for safety reasons. (It'd be nice if people listened)

Please remember: NO pets/strollers at the #ThoroughbredClassic. It's a big race, so this is a safety measure for all participants. Thanks.

Since we got to the start late, of course we were lined up behind the walkers and people with strollers and dogs. Go figure. The first mile or so involved weaving through the crowd and after that I was able to set a decent pace.  Thankfully, the pain in my neck didn't really affect my running, although I wasn't really able to check my blind spots. Sorry if I ran into you! Oops! I ran most of the race at a comfortably hard pace. I tried to push it a little during the last mile, and I was able to finish in 32:02. Not my fastest time, but considering the fact that I wasn't really feeling it, and since I spent a significant amount of time dodging other runners, I'm really happy with my overall effort.

Although, it was a cold morning, it was a great run even if it did take 2.5 miles for me to be able to feel my toes!

I almost ran an extra .10 miles with all the weaving around!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and a relaxing weekend!

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