Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oh Spring, Where are You?

With Run the Bluegrass less than two weeks away, it's definitely crunch time!
The last couple of weeks have been less than spectacular. The weather has been crummy and I've been sick. Being sick put me out of commission for almost two full weeks. I was able to crank out 5 miles last weekend, but it was completely miserable since I struggled to breath the entire time. Now that I'm feeling better, I think everything is back on track. I may have to say good bye to the shiny PR that I was hoping for at the Derby mini in April, but I've got five weeks to train, so we'll see how it goes. 
Anyway, I had 9 miles on the schedule this morning and I was really nervous about making it the whole way. The weather forecast had me nervous too, calling for sleet, freezing rain, and more snow. When will it ever be spring!? Ahh! I can't stand this weather! Go away Polar Vortex!

Fortunately, I finished my run before the precipitation started, but it was really windy! That snowman has the right idea...stay inside and watch the crazies running outside...oh wait that's me, a crazy person! But you already knew that, so it's all good.

Remember how I said I was nervous about running 9 miles? Well, I felt really good so I ran 10! Actually, I ran about 10.25 miles, because I paused my watch while waiting to cross the street and forgot to start it right away. Fail! I'm a total numbers geek, so there is no way I could have finished with my watch saying 9.xx miles, so I had to add on a little extra to make it an even 10.

After being sick, this was a BIG confidence booster for Run the Bluegrass. 

One more week of training, and then it's race week! Yippee! I can't wait! As a pacer, there's lots of exciting things coming up before the race that I'm totally looking forward to! The only thing is, I need to come with a creative saying for my 2:45:00 pacer sign that I'll be carrying. The biggest problem is that I'm not creative in any sense of the word. So if you've got any ideas, give me a shout out! Is it weird that I'm more worried about making this sign than I am the actual race? My sources say yes. Oh well, that's how I roll.

What would you put on your pacer sign?

Happy Sunday!

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