Thursday, October 10, 2013

Race Week and a Very Special Birthday!

Hello friends! 
Well, I've made to race week! At this point, I'm nervous, anxious, and excited all at once! It hasn't really quite hit me that I'll actually be running 26.2 on Sunday. 48 hours from now it will all be over! Yikes! I think I'm ready, well I hope I'm ready. This whole taper business has me going crazy. No joke, crying at work for no reason. Plus I've been really on edge and short tempered. No fun for anyone. Thank goodness my co-workers and family members have been really patient with me!
Anyway, I only worked Monday and Tuesday this week. Wednesday I drove home to Wisconsin to stay with my family until Saturday. It's great to be back in the land of cheese! I love my cheese! But enough of that. Yesterday my favorite little boy celebrated his 3rd Birthday!

He had a great birthday lunch at Gilles!

We got the best pizza ever at Joe's!

The party kept going on Friday when we went to the Little Farmer and got caramel apples! Yummy!

The afternoon was spent relaxing on the lake!

Friday night we had the best meal at Blank's Supper Club. I recommend the Blank's Special! Love my meat and potatoes!

Now, it's time for bed! Heading to Chicago and the Expo Center in the morning! It's hard to believe race day is almost here!
Looking back at my week, it looks like it's all been about food. Post race, we'll be celebrating with beer and bratwurst at the Hofbrauhaus-Chicago! I can't help it, I'm hungry. 
Night all!

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