Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Flu Season is Here...Blah.

Fevers and coughing and frequent trips to the bathroom...oh my! Flu season hit home early this year. I feel fine (knock on wood) for the moment, but the boys are sick. 
I was up early and got in 2 easy miles before playing nurse the rest of the day. I like running this time of year. Crisp, cool fall weather, plus I get to look at all the Halloween decorations. I love Halloween!

I ran to Kroger to get some "sick supplies".

Since I got home from the store I've been cleaning everything. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that the sickness passes me over this time. I got a flu shot last week Thursday, but who knows if that will help me out or not.
Oh well...this too shall pass. Stay healthy friends!

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