Saturday, February 15, 2014

Taking it Easy and Saving Lives

Woo Hoo! It's a 3 day weekend since Presidents' Day is on Monday. I wish every weekend was 3 days. After the last couple weeks, I really need a little extra break from work.
I usually run long on Saturday mornings, but I just wasn't feeling it today. My left foot has been a little iffy the last few days, so I figured I had better give it a little extra rest. My training plan called for A 5k race today, so I don't think I'm missing too much anyway. Hopefully I'll be back running tomorrow or Monday.
I had to get in some cardio, so I headed out early to Planet Fitness. I made friends with a nice recumbent bicycle and watched a little tv.
I love Drew Barrymore in Ever After it's one of my favorite movies!

On Thursday I got a call from the KY Blood Center asking me to donate. Due to the weather, 54 of their mobile blood drives had been cancelled and they were down 1500 units of blood! Hearing this, I felt compelled to donate. Since I was already planning on taking it easy today, it ended up being the perfect time to donate. 
Oh, you know, just saving lives :)

After donating, I was starving! Wisconsin Macaroni and Cheese from Noodles and Co. saved the day!
Liam was hungry too as you can see by his little fingers grabbing some food out of my bowl! Yum yum yum!

After lunch we stopped by the mall, Liam had fun playing while I stocked up at Bath & Body Works and treated myself to an Iced Coffee!

Now that I'm home, I see a nap in the near future.

Happy Saturday folks!

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