Saturday, September 14, 2013

Midway at Dawn

One more week until the taper! I can't believe I have come this far into the training. The race is only 4 weeks away. Time flies when you're a mom who works full time and everyday just runs into the next having fun.
Well, once again this morning I met the LexRunLadies in Midway on the Iron Horse Half course at 6:15am. I was up at 4:00 am to make it to Midway by 5:30 so I could get in a couple miles before I met with the group. They were running 12 miles; I needed 14. I would much rather start early and finish with everyone else than have to keep running after the group goes home. I'd probably quit early if I did that.
Running under the stars was so peaceful this morning, but let me just say that it was freezing! 48 degrees! I'm not complaining as the heat and humidity have been killing me, but it took me 8 miles to warm up! My hands were freezing and I couldn't really get them to work properly. I had a real hard time getting my GU Energy Gel open. Once the sun came up it was so beautiful!

The horses were out enjoying the morning as well!
Saw this little weanling at the fence. What a cutie!

Today's run went pretty well. No major aches or pains the whole run! Awesome! My legs felt heavy and tired, but I'm pretty sure I'm still recovering from last week's 18 miles.
Even though I was cold at the start, it ended up being a perfect day for running. 
Next week I'm scheduled for 40 miles! Lucky for me, I have the bestest mom ever and she is staying with me all week to help me get through it! I'm hoping I'll be able to get some extra rest this week since I know I'll need it for sure!

Have a good weekend!

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