Sunday, September 29, 2013

10 Miles on National Coffee Day

Two weeks from today is the Chicago Marathon! When I signed up for the race earlier this year, I was terrified that I wouldn't make it through all the weeks of training, but here it is, only two weeks remaining. It's been exhausting, but the journey has been completely worth it.

I planned on running Saturday morning, but I woke feeling less than fabulous and decided to take the day off and run this morning instead. I don't normally run long in Georgetown, but since the group had no official run today, I decided to stay close to home.

I found this at the beginning of my run. Good advice if you ask me.

My route took me through Georgetown College. This is actually the starting point for many of the 5k races that are held in town.

I've been practicing my fueling/hydration plan the last few weeks and I think I've found what works for me, Nuun enhanced water every 2 miles and Clif Shot Bloks every 4 miles.

This morning was my last double digit run until race day. I was scheduled to run 12, but I did 10 because I wanted to make it to church this morning and I just ran out of time. It was a good run and I felt like I could do more which is always a good feeling.

It's National Coffee Day! A Holiday made just for me!

Time for some football and some coffee! Happy Sunday!

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