Friday, November 22, 2013

Southern Lights Stroll 5k Run/Walk

Last night I walked the Southern Lights Stroll through the Kentucky Horse Park (KHP). For the last 20 years the KHP has set up a 4 mile driving tour of Holiday lights. The 5k run/walk kicks off the season with a great family event and is a fundraiser for KYHP.

I know I'm all about running these days, but this one was a walk for me. My son, Liam, loves Christmas lights so I pushed him in his stroller while he smiled and waved at Santa! "Hi Santa! Mom! I waved at Santa!" Fun night! 

Some of the light displays:
Churchill Downs

Wizard of Oz:

Star Wars:

Snow Men:

Dragon in the water:


A partridge in a pear tree:

The lights are so neat! Liam and I had a great night!

I've actually participated in the Stroll several times. Technically, it's my first 5k, although I've never run it. Walking at the back of the pack was a good reminder of how far I've come. I heard some people talking about how far this 5k was. One person thought it was 3.1 miles, but her friend was adamant that it was only 2.2 miles. I guess she was in for a surprise. Another group of girls got to the halfway point and I heard them talking about being tired and out of breath, and when is it going to be over. While we were passing the runners as they headed back to the finish, I heard lots of the walkers say, "I wish I could run!" It was like déjà vu! When I first did this walk in 2004, I had no idea what a 5k was or how far it was or that people would actually run that far for fun. I walked it every year from 2004 to 2008 with a group of my closest friends and our dogs. I remember thinking that it was such a long walk and at the halfway point I was ready to be done! Last night, it went by so fast and didn't seem tough at all. What a difference! 
Maybe next year I'll get to run this 5k. Either way it's a great event for everyone!
Have a great weekend!

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