Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Weigh in Wednesday-Week 1

Well here it is, weigh in day. I've been really good this whole week, especially when it comes to my scheduled work outs and keeping track of my food. It's been awhile since I have been so diligent about logging every piece of food that I eat. I'm really proud of myself for that no matter what the scale says! Also, on a positive note, I've been doing really well with drinking water too! Yay!

So here it is, 1.4 pounds down! 

No run this morning, since I was feeling extra tired from getting up so early yesterday. I did end up doing a Jillian Michaels' DVD "6 Week Six Pack" just to get in some type of activity. Hopefully, I have similar results next week and I continue to follow my training plan! 

I'm a very visual person, so putting in on paper keeps me motivated!

The rest of my day was kind of blah, but I did have this for dinner!
Baked sweet potato and a turkey stuffed bell pepper. Yummy!

Happy hump day!

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