Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Back to Work Blahs

The first day back to work after being on vacation was rough. Not only was I super tired from driving all day, but I had this awful headache when I woke up. I spent the day dreaming about being back on vacation, so that kind of killed my productivity. I had planned on doing some yoga after work, but I just wasn't feeing it; and ended up going to bed early.
Fast forward to this morning and the feeling of normality has returned. Up at 4:30 am and a 4 mile run under my belt to start the day before work. I had to run sans GPS watch this morning since the battery was dead (grumpy face) and I used the Nike+ app on my phone instead. I ran in a familiar route so I would know the approximate distances either way. The phone app was a lot different than my watch would normally read, so I didn't stop at 4 Nike+ app miles and I ran to where I would normally hit 4 miles. It felt good to get out there after 2 days of inactivity. I've got a big week coming up, 32 miles on the schedule including an 8 mile run tomorrow morning and a 16 mile run coming up on Saturday.
I don't really have anything else for you today. I need another vacation! I think I'll be in bed early tonight again. I need as much sleep as I can get!

Oh, I do have this for all you wanna be runners out there. Here is a beginner couch to 5k program from Monica at Run, Eat, Repeat. This is my favorite running blog by far!

Couch to 5K plan RunEatRepeat Sheet1 5 page 001 thumb Run a 5K Training Plan for New Runners
Couch to 5K plan RunEatRepeat Sheet1 5 page 002 thumb Run a 5K Training Plan for New Runners

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