Sunday, August 11, 2013


My vacation officially began Saturday morning. Up at 4:00 am, and on the road by 5:00. It's about a 9 hour drive (530 miles) from my house to my parents home in Wisconsin. The drive itself was uneventful. I always say a prayer of thanks when we pull in their driveway. 

This is the view of Lake Winnebago from the back patio. I love this tree, it's so awesome!

We met my Dad and Vickee for dinner at Backyard Grill and Bar.

I got the prime rib and a baked potato. Yummy!

After our meal, we went back to the house and I headed to bed early. 

10 mile run Sunday morning. I love running back home!  Here's some pics from my run:


Taycheedah Trail

Lighthouse at Lakeside Park!

After my run, we got cleaned up and hopped right back in the car to get to our real destination. 
Up North, here we come!

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