Friday, August 2, 2013

July Highlights and August Goals

Looking back at July I had 90 miles on the schedule. I ran 77.7 miles in July. I didn't get all of them in because of a foot/Achilles issue that plagued me at the beginning of the month. Overall, I'm happy with my training for the month. I set a new PR in the 10k distance, trained consistently, and continued to join in on the group runs with the LexRunLadies. What a great group of women! They are so inspiring! The group runs have really saved me from the monotony of running alone, along with running the same old paths. The main thing is that I'm still having fun.

The start of a new month means I get to start fresh and renew my goals. I have 130 miles on the schedule this month. Yikes! I also will have my first training runs that are longer than half marathon distance. This is a little frightening to me at the moment. I know I can and will do it, but it's still a little overwhelming. I'm most excited for my vacation mid-month. I'll be going Up North. For all of us Wisconsinites we know that Up North is not an exact location, it's basically an atmosphere. Set in the north woods of Wisconsin surrounded by Pine and Birch trees, cabins on the most crystal clear freshwater lakes you've ever seen. Swimming, fishing, relaxing...I CAN'T  WAIT!


August Goals:
  1. Have fun (It's not worth it, if it's not fun)
  2. Train consistently
  3. Eat healthy and drink plenty of water
  4. Quit eating so much candy (My afternoon candy craving is out of control!)
  5. Update my playlist or find a podcast to listen to during long runs
  6. Get enough rest/sleep
  7. Buy a 2nd pair of running shoes (not really a goal, but I'm going to need to break some in before the marathon)


  1. Lindsay, I love reading this! It's such a good idea to start a blog:)

    When I started my long long runs (because who are we kidding, anything 10+ deserves 2 longs), I listened to books on tape. It really helped pass the time and I was always excited to get back out there to find out what happened next in the story!

    Good luck,

    1. Thanks Ali!
      You're right, long runs need 2 longs!