Saturday, July 27, 2013

10 Miles at Deerhaven Lane, 2 Miles at Home

It's that time again! It's long run day! I had 12 miles on the schedule today. When the alarm went off this morning, I just really wanted to stay in bed. I had set out all my gear the night before so i wouldn't have any excuses. Breakfast was Chocolate Hazelnut butter on bread and iced coffee. I usually also eat a banana, but I'm all out. So sad, I love my bananas. Maybe I'm part Monkey.

The LexRunLadies were planning a 7:15 am start out on Deer Haven Lane. Most of the group was planning on 7 miles or less so I decided to get a couple miles in beforehand. I got there at about 6:30 and ended up running 2 miles with Krissie (the LRL coordinator) before meeting up with the group. Once we got started a few of the ladies said they'd be willing to run 8, so I happily ran with them and got 10 miles in before heading home.
The run was great! It was still a little humid this morning, but there was a light rain that made it bearable. Beautiful scenery and amazing homes to look at as well. I didn't see it, but there is supposed to be a farm along the path that has a Zebra! Maybe next time. I did see, lots of horses, beef cattle, some Long Horns, a Buffalo, and a skunk (no I didn't get sprayed...thank goodness!). 
Running with the group made the miles go by quickly, but I was happy to get back to the car and stretch out a bit.
I knew that I needed 2 more miles, so I planned on running in my neighborhood once I got home. My 2 1/2 year old was excited when I got home and wanted to watch me run. Our house is in a Cul-de-sac and the loop is about 1/4 mile so I just ran the loop 8 times so he could watch me run. Once I started running he wanted to join in (best part of my run!). Liam ran about 1/2 mile with me. His little legs were moving as fast as they could. What a cutie! I hope when he gets older he loves running as much as I do!
Overall, it was a great day; and I got all 12 miles done! Time to relax!

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