Saturday, July 20, 2013

Whole Foods Saturday

Saturday was a lazy kind of day. I got up later than usual since I decided to do my long run on Sunday instead. I spent most of the day indoors enjoying the air conditioning. It's been so hot lately that it was nice to just relax. I even took a nap today, which is totally unlike me. I did fit in some yoga, but I wasn't really feeling it.
I left the house for a little while today and made a trip to Whole Foods. I'm always running to the store to get some bananas (since I eat them every day). 
This looked really good, so I had to try it. I put some in my yogurt and banana concoction. It was so good! 
I also got some pumpkin butter (haven't tried it yet, but I love anything pumpkin)

 And this was my dessert! Yum!

Today was all about food as you can see.  Even though I didn't run, I was hungry all day.
7 mile "donut run" in the morning. I can't wait! Love the group runs!

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