Monday, July 1, 2013

Running Cadence and Bearded Brothers Bars

Woke up late this morning. Not quite sure what happened with my alarm... Anyway, 4 miles turned into 3 and I figured I should speed it up a little. I downloaded a free iTunes Running Cadence app and tested it out this morning. My average pace is about 11:15/mile. I'd really like to get that down to 10:00/mile. The app has the option of setting the beat from 85-120 beats per minute. I set it at 85 just to see where that would put me. Following that cadence my first mile was 10:27/mile! The next two miles I shut it off and ran them easy. I finished my run about 2 minutes faster than usual.

On my way home, I picked up my race packet for the Bluegrass 10k this Thursday. Now I'm all set!

I came home and found this waiting for me! I won them last week from Cori at I can't wait to try them!

They even sent a handwritten note! So cool! Thanks Bearded Brothers!

Busy day! Time to relax, and eat dinner of course!

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